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What’s Behind The Door?

#kapininArkasindaNevarOne day a young mans car who travels by car to very far away from where he lived for a business trip is disrupted on a deserted mountain. Hours of torrential rain are very advanced glass oil.

The man in the car is not like the car to be repaired. What I will do when I think I hit a large light of future small village in the eye of the house. There is no other choice but to ask for help.Walk to get home. A young woman opened the door and the door alarm. That man’s car broke down on the road and asks if someone is going to help. The young woman speaks to her husband..Koca Is an older man than woman. It will invite passengers. The air is very bad night with the help of the village in the morning can be spent at home might be able to repair the car calling.

The young man accepts the invitation. Young men take to the salon. The house’s living room like out of the house is very big and beautiful. The young woman would offer immediate hot soup and food. The young man is very happy with the situation

After dinner they prepared to spend the night in his room upstairs and told the young man could stay there. The young man against the splendor of the house on the way to the room were very surprised.There is a lot of room and doors at home. He puts his mind in a big house so strange that two people live in. When he left the room to see how beautiful the room is.He is so tired and fall asleep.

A few hours later, he woke up hearing strange noises from inside the house. Gets up from the bed, the direction in which the sound starts to come right away.At the end of the corridor will see a large wooden door. Sounds start to increase as you walk towards the door. The young man stands in front of the big door. Very strange noises behind the door before he heard screaming and noise comes. And he attempted to open the door but the door is locked and sound are cut off after a while. The young man continues to sleep back into the room. It prepared a very nice breakfast in the morning and he sees that expected.

Together, they begin to breakfast. Meanwhile, revenue from voice is heard at night the young man’s mind. He asks the big wooden door that night voices heard.The young woman returns to her husband in a way surprised. Her husband might have seen the young man’s dream that they themselves did not hear anything. How can I hear the sounds of young men definitely woke up from sleep how can you say you do not. The young woman sound impossible to hear anyone else living at home saying that she adds. Wife and husband uneasy attitude of the young man is suspicious but urgently remember that you need to go ettirip car is repaired. Car mechanic repair brought to the village. The young man started out by thanking the young woman and her husband for their hospitality.

On the way comes to mind sounds coming from behind the door. “I wonder what was behind the door,” he thinks along the way. Hookin turns business into the home. But the sounds he heard in his dreams every day and a large wooden gate he has been waiting in front and starts to see her husband with a young woman. It really was that I’d never heard that sound a sense of why he stops to gnaw They lied to me. Meanwhile the young man passes a week It has been not stand it anymore. Go to the same place he decides to ask what happened. He rode in a car that goes to the village. The young woman and is surprised to see the man against her husband. The young man immediately that night and It asks the voice from behind the door. After he tells of his dreams every night and never left just say something you think sounds coming through the door. The young woman hurried man It includes alerts for entry. When they entered into their inward against the young man, and they have confirmed that the voice from behind the door. The young man wanted to know what it is to go immediately says.

The old man “there can never tell you what it is,” he says. “That door hides the secret of our village, he says.

The young man, “I wonder what’s behind the door. I was not my job with me, pleaseShare your secret I can give you what you want in exchange, “he says. If the old man would not happen but we’ll take you to the village’s wise that we do what he says it, he says. Wise expenditure side together. 

You must be one of our village alone wise to learn what is behind the door. Another one can not say the secret, he says. Young man, please tell me I’m ready to do whatever it takes as long asTell me what’s out there, he says. Wise is the name of our village after a little thought Revan. And if you want to be in Revan’l should do whatever we want in return for it, then youWe can say our secret, he says. Young man ready to do what you want if you want what I say. Revan’l if you want us to be wise in our country there are many kinds of plants and how many pebbles?If you know the correct number of them may share our secret, he says.

The young man, but he thinks that it is impossible for gnawing curiosity. After time B turns his back and goes wise. Young man nesomehow returns to the car knows what to do. It has made its decision. Although I have to fulfill this request, no matter if they think I can not live already. They want to leave the power of the wise business It sets out to accomplish. Meanwhile the young man through the years and has now completed its task aged. Above the head of hair and beard distraught involved in the revenue against the wise It reminds wise to the situation.

Wise, “Well tell me how many there are few plants move gravel,” he says. 175 215 600 218 12 308 plant pebble man in our country have some sort of say. The wise man smiled and tookIt brings the big wooden door. When you’re no longer in his pocket the key Revan’lı you can learn our secret, he says. The man is very excited. The result of my years I will finally dealhe thinks. Wise behind the big wooden door opens a door made of silver out more majestic. Sage is a silver key in her turn. It made of gold covered with diamonds against a large remove the door again.

His heart is likely to come off. The wise man took a key from his pocket veeee gold at the end of the year to learn the secret of the village gave the young man behind the golden doorreaches astonishment …

So what is there behind the door?

You wonder what is behind the door you can learn the secret of turning Chinese writing passwords down.


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